If you have never made this chutney before, then you need to KETCHUP and make this one quickly! Here’s my spin on a traditional South Indian chutney – it’s spicy, tangy, slightly sweet, and super easy to make.


2 tbs oil

1/8 tsp mustard seeds

Pinch hing (asafetida)

2 tablespoon channa dal

2-4 dried red chilli

4-6 curry leaves

1 Medium sized onions, roughly chopped

2 Medium sized tomatoes, roughly chopped

½ tsp salt (to taste)

a small piece of tamarind

½ tsp jaggery

Temper/Tadka: Oil, mustard seeds, red chilis, soaked and drained urad dal


1 Heat oil in a pan and add in the mustard seeds. Let it splutter. Add in the channa dal, hing, dried red chillies until the dal is golden in color

2 Add in the onions and curry leaves until they soften and start to brown

3 Add in the tomatoes until they are browned and mushy. Add salt. Turn off the heat and add in the tamarind and jaggery

4Let the mixture cool slightly

5 Blend the mixture together using the least amount of water possible

6 For the temper, heat the oil and add in the remaining ingredients. Pour over the chutney mixture. You can enjoy this chutney with idli, dosa, or uttapam – it’s delicious! I’ve also used it as a spread on sandwiches and mixed it with cooked rice for an instant spicy tomato rice

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