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Hello all of you beautiful people – So excited to welcome you to ReshmomLife!! Creating healthy, yummy meals for family and friends is one of my love languages. I’m equally passionate about making cooking accessible for everyone (to paraphrase one of my favorite movies Ratatouille “everyone can cook”) and sharing traditional Indian family recipes with younger generations. Much of my inspiration comes from my mom, mother-in-law, bhabhis, and aunts who are all amazing homecooks! Truly, they have always been my inspiration and teachers.
I have an amazing husband and 3 lovely adult kids. One of my favorite activities when the kids were growing up was making their school lunches. I would meticulously plan their weekly lunches and spend about 30 min each morning making each lunchbox. When my oldest went to college, I had the blues for about 6 months even though I still had 2 kids at home. So, when my youngest was a junior and the prospect of becoming an empty nester terrified me, I created ReshmomLife to help build a positive community to help me cope and help others as well.

Thank you so much for all your support – super excited to share my little world with all of you!

Here’s what others are saying!

I love your enthusiasm and creativity along with personal goal in mind love your idea of giving back to community, by providing a healthy way of living – mind, body n spirit. You go Reshma 💕…..Ami
Reading your recipe is like you narrating it in person 🤗 Thanks!…..Lesha
Wow you are so creative!…..Dipali