Tatte like latte is a bakery chain in the Boston and DC area and I am obsessed! The food is delicious and the vibe is fun. The menu is filled with comfort foods (lots of veg options), tons of pastries (I only found 1 eggless dessert item on the menu), and many coffee options.

🌱 Corn latke sandwich (would have been excellent if it was a hot sandwich)

🌱 Summer vegetable lasagna  ❤️

🌱 Fattoush salad

🌱 Summer farro bowl (remove egg)  ❤️

🌱 Grilled cheese sandwich  ❤️

🌱 Roasted cauliflower pita  ❤️

🌱 Chocolate sandwich cookie

🌱 Matcha latte (with oatmilk)

🌱 Mocha

🌱 Blueberry iced tea

Note: I would go to Tatte again and again for the food and vibes, but I wish they would improve their system to add the ability to customize orders. For example, they don’t allow any substitutions or additions even if you are ok with paying extra. Sometimes a girl just wants some avocado on her salad!

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