romaine calm and always include lettuce in your green smoothie – this is my advice to you today. My sister first made me a version of this green smoothie about 3 years ago. I was definitely skeptical but then I remember being pleasantly surprised by the smoothie’s freshness and taste. Then, last year, my BFF Reese Witherspoon posted this recipe and I’ve been a regular lettuce drinker ever since!


1 head romaine lettuce

¼ cup spinach

1 apple or pear, peeled and cored

½ banana

½ lime, rind cut off and seeds removed

½ cup coconut water

Optional: 1 tsp of any of these – mint, basil, ginger, lemongrass, ground flax, nut butter, hemp seeds, granola, or protein powder

¼ cup of any of these – cucumber, arugula, celery, kale, kiwi, guava, or pineapple

Note: increase coconut water by 2 tbs for every optional ingredient you use


1 In a high speed blender, add ingredients in this order: coconut water, lime, banana, apple, spinach, and romaine lettuce. I personally don’t add ice but feel free to add up to ¼ cup if you want it cold

2 Use the smoothie function twice or blend for about 3 min

3 Pour in a glass (no straining necessary) and let your body drink in all the natural goodness. Have a beautiful day

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