I am much more a cute scary vs a spooky scary person so these spiky rambutan completely inspired me. The spikes on the reddish brownish exterior of the rambutan are certainly scary, but the interior is soft and sweet. I love that this mocktail recipe uses fresh ingredients although you can definitely use canned rambutans or lychees to recreate a similar mocktail.

Here are some deets you may want to know on rambutans

 – it’s a tropical, exotic fruit from Southeast Asia and some parts of Hawaii

 – I consider it a cousin of the lychee (don’t know if a plant biologist would agree)

 – the colors of the hairs on the rambutan can range from yellow to green

 – rambutan means “hair” in Malay

 – the pit is toxic so definitely don’t eat it

 – they are super sweet and delicious! 

Ingredients (makes 2 drinks)

4 fresh rambutan

Mint leaves

1 tbs elderflower syrup 

1 ½ cup club soda or lemon lime soda

1 cup ice

Garnish – mint, lime, rambutan, rose petals (optional)


1 Peel the rambutan and remove the pit

2 Muddle the rambutan and mint together in a shaker glass or pitcher

3 Add elderflower syrup, soda, and ice and shake/stir vigorously

4 Strain the drink into glasses and garnish – Cheers!

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