NUT-thing is better than this sauce when you’re  craving spicy, salty, and slightly sweet at the same time. Seriously, this sauce is so good and so easy to  make!


1 tbs sesame oil

½ cup peanut butter smooth

2 tbs soy sauce 

1 tbs rice vinegar or lime juice

1 tbs grated garlic 

1 tbs grated ginger 

½-1 tsp sriracha sauce (to taste)

½-1 tsp sambal sauce (to taste)

¼ cup warm water Garnish: chili oil, black sesame seeds, slivered green onions


1 Whisk all ingredients (except the garnish) together in a pot and slightly heat (whisk the entire time). Add additional water if needed

2 Enjoy this dipping sauce with spring rolls, summer rolls, a salad dressing, or even with noodles or rice – the possibilities are endless!

Tags: Quick & Easy, Asian, Chutneys/Sauces/Condiments

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