JAIN MEXICAN SEASONING (Paryushan friendly)

Spice up all your Mexican food with this amazing seasoning. Pre-make a batch in less than 10 min and use it year-round, but it’s definitely a game changer for Paryushan when we don’t use any green vegetables or even tomatoes. I’ve used this seasoning in tortilla soup, black beans and rice, and veggie burgers. It adds the right amount of spice and smokiness and you won’t even miss the onions and garlic.


3-5 dried chili peppers (guajillo, ancho, adobo)

2 tsp cumin

Optional: 1 tsp black peppercorns, 1 tsp dried oregano


1 Heat the pan over medium heat

2 Cut the peppers in one inch pieces and place in the heated pan

3 Add the cumin and peppercorns

4 Dry roast until they are fragrant and darkened (stir frequently)

5 Let cool completely

6 Transfer to a mortar and pestle and grind (you can grind in a food processor or blender also). If adding oregano, then add it now and grind with the peppers and cumin

7 That’s it – ready to go in all your favorite Mexican recipes!

Food restrictions

🌱Vegan friendly
🌱Jain friendly

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