frankly, my dear, this is one of the best sandwiches you will ever eat! Frankies are sometimes referred to as Bombay Burritos and are similar to kathi rolls (these are generally filled with spiced paneer). My kids really love the spiced potato filling and my favorite part is the flavor mixture of the cilantro chutney, Indian ketchup, and shredded Amul cheese. You can make variations with paneer tikka masala for a heartier Indian taste or gobi manchurian for Indo-Chinese flavors.  You can replace the potatoes with green bananas for a Jain version. I even make an instant lunchbox version with @donlee veggie bites (found @costco). Let me know what you prefer!



4 boiled & cubed potatoes (small sized)

1 tsp amchur powder

1 tsp green chillies

1 tsp dhana jiru powder

½ tsp garam masala

½ tsp grated ginger

½ tsp grated garlic

1 tbs chopped cilantro

salt to taste

4 Malaysian paratha

Toppings (adjust veggies with your favorites):

Chopped red onion

Broccoli slaw

Cilantro chutney

Maggie ketchup

Chaat masala

Shredded Amul cheese


1. Mix all filling ingredients together and roll into logs. Cook in the air fryer for 5 min at 350F or pan fry until lightly browned. Set aside

2. Make the parathas according to the directions on package

3. Spread cilantro chutney on half of the paratha and ketchup on the other half. Please a potato log in the center of the paratha and add the veggies. Top with Amul cheese and sprinkle chaat masala on top

4. Roll the sandwich up and slice in half and then enjoy!

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