It’s easy to eat green with this DILL BHAKRO recipe. Bhakro (a hearty savory pancake) is a staple brunch item for us. This version is chock-full of fresh dill and cilantro from our garden.  Dill or suwa/savaa is not a common herb that I use but I do love the aromatics of it and the fresh, light licorice taset of it. Dill is rich in antioxidants and adds an amazing taste and color to this dish.  You can substitute shredded spinach or zucchini or other shredded/finely cut veggies for the dill as well.


1 cup rice flour

¼ cup yogurt

½ tsp red chili powder

Pinch haldi (turmeric)

Salt to taste

1 tsp each grated ginger and garlic

1-2 tbs total of herbs (cilantro, fenugreek leaves, curry leaves)

½ cup water to bind (add more if needed)

½ cup chopped dill

Pinch of papdi kharo or Eno


1 Add all ingredients together except for the Eno and mix until fairly smooth (mixture should be thick)

2 Heat a skillet and pour a heaping size of mixture on the skillet. Add oil to the sides and cover for about 1 min

3.Flip bhakro over to cook on the other side as well. Add oil as needed to crisp up the bhakro

4 Enjoy hot with fresh cilantro chutney or spicy ketchup!

Note: For a healthier bhakro, you can substitute up to 40% of the rice flour with jowar, bajri, ragi, or other grain/millet flours. The consistency and taste will change, but it will still be delicious.  

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