any time I have an indulgent day, I replace my next day’s breakfast with this detox spicy “tea.” There’s no actual tea in it, so it’s caffeine free and all natural. It’s super easy too – put 1 stick of cinnamon, 6-8 cloves, and a heaping tablespoon of fennel seeds in a mug. Pour boiling water in the mug and cover for a few minutes. The flavor will steep naturally. You can add sweetener, but I generally do not. Other variations are adding pieces of fresh ginger or fresh turmeric, fresh mint, dandelion root, a pinch of black pepper or cayenne pepper, lemongrass, or ground cardamom.

The cinnamon reduces inflammation, reduces blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, and relieves digestive discomfort. The cloves are high in antioxidants and helps regulate blood sugar. The fennel seeds normalize the body’s acid/base balance, regulates the heart rate, and stabilizes blood pressure.

I’m not a health professional so all the info in this post is just from my personal research. Please do your own research to verify J

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