Today’s brunch is in honor of my lovely mother –a simple Gujarati dish called bataka poha (potatoes & flattened rice), hot steaming spicy chai, and delicious mango. My mother is a simple, no-nonsense woman. She’s hard-working and selfless, but also warm and comforting. She is truly the best person in the world.

I’ve included the recipe below for any husbands and kids who want to surprise their special lady with a yummy dish. Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely ladies!


2 cups thick poha (available at your nearest Indian store)

1 tbs salt (to taste)

1 tbs sugar (to taste)

2 tsp lemon juice (to taste)

1 tbs chopped cilantro


2 tbs oil

½ tsp mustard seeds (rai)

½ tsp asafoetida (hing)

1 ½ tbs chopped green chilis

2 tbs raw peanuts

8-10 curry leaves

½ cup peeled and diced potatoes

¾ tsp turmeric powder (haldi)


1 Wash poha twice and let excess water drain out in a strainer. Set aside

2 Add oil to a pan and add all temper ingredients, mix together, add salt, and cook for 4-5 min

3 Add the poha, sugar, and lemon juice and mix together again 4 Add cilantro and serve hot

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